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In NAJLA ALMUNAJEM we believe that every woman deserves to feel elegant and beautiful in the dresses she wears. that’s why we offer the ultimate fashion experience and create the best dress for any figure with the highest quality.

Designer & Creative Director

Najla designs on fantasy to create a masterpiece that is desired by female around the world. She holds a bachelor degree in Economics and studied two masters in Law & Investments, her studies had nothing to do with fashion or Art by all means, but they sure found their way to her, she believed in knowledge and knew that a passion not taken to the next level is a waste, she then had to follow her heart and studied fashion and collection production in University of The Arts London, where she found her true-self. In 2017 , she launched her label and designer line and there was no looking back. 

what started as a passion went on to become her profession. Her pieces are handcrafted to perfection, where Najla was always known for her attention to detail. Najla draws from influences, wide & varied. From a reflection of a light, to the endless landscapes. she found inspiration in the movement of fabrics, the designer brings them all to life in her spectacular yet original language, where the collection end up looking timeless, luxe appeal.

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